Great Restaurant Picks For The City Of Rio Rancho NM

Great Restaurant Picks For The City Of Rio Rancho NM

May 31, 2018 Off By Dana Matthews

There are still several of the top 30 restaurants in Rio Rancho NM that I haven’t reviewed for you yet. I want to keep it to the top 30 because there are 100 restaurants in the city currently. This article is going to feature 4 favorites. Let’s get down to business as I bring you 4 great restaurants that would make for a superb dining experience.

Village Inn is first up, and it is located at 1741 Rio Rancho Drive SE. The pies served up here are said to be delicious. Reviews point to the fact that Wednesday is free pie night. The cobb salad is another menu favorite, and people also point to the fact that Village Inn serves up comfort food in general. If you ask my stomach, all food is comfort food, but you get the point. Village Inn is a great place to eat in Rio Rancho.

Stack House BBQ is also a great place to eat. It’s location is 4000 Barbara Loop SE, and brisket is one of its claims to fame. Again, and this isn’t the first time, I see BBQ beans as a side on the menu for a barbecue restaurant in Rio Rancho. If you are familiar, pardon me, but I am not. I am used to seeing baked beans or pinto beans, not what’s called barbecue beans, although I can gather what they are. They sound quite tasty, too.

Filibertos Rio Rancho is the next restaurant pick, and it features the city in its name. Located at 1600 Sara Road SE, Filibertos Rio Rancho is said to serve up great Mexican food at very reasonable prices. That includes breakfast burritos. People say the burritos are huge, too. This place sounds like a great stop for a quick and delicious meal.

Flying Star Cafe features a unique name, and I love cafes. Located off of Corrales Road, Flying Star Cafe features what’s called a Mud Pie on its menu. Have you ever seen a mud pie on a restaurant menu before? The place also serves up vegan chocolate cake. Okay, now I’m really getting interested because everything is made of chocolate. Burgers and fish and chips are also menu highlights for this Rio Rancho restaurant.

‘Rio Rancho restaurants’ has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Dine out at any one of these four favorites, and you’re likely to be impressed. Remember, I stayed within the top 30 restaurants in Rio Rancho. You better go get something to eat!